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I think I can shed some light. 

If I read our notes right, prior to the 1912 rehang the second hung in
the adjacent pit to the North of third. It appears that it was moved
into the third pit, which is very long, the third moved to the west to
accommodate it and the treble was re roped at the opposite end. This
would give the impression that there had been a bell there that isn't

I think the hope was that the church would want to have a tenor cast to
make them into a major key which would fit into the centre of the frame
using the vacated pit and the empty one along side it. We were certainly
in correspondence with the church in the 1930's.

Apologies to those who haven't got a plan of the frame in front of them
and haven't a clue what I'm on about!



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I suspect that this one is probably best aimed straight at Chris 
Pickford; but just in case! There has been a little work at Astley 
that means that they can be rung again after about 3 years of silence. 
A bit of a saga that should have been resolved earlier, "but what the 

They are hung in a big old frame and were rehung in it with new 
fittings in 1912 by Taylors. There are 6 pits in the frame, the back 5 
occupied by the minor ring. The treble pit apparently shows signs that 
it once contained a bell. Is this true and, if so, what happened to it.



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