[Bell Historians] Travelling Peal Boards

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Mon Sep 12 11:47:01 BST 2005

Neil wrote:

>During the 1970s I rescued the Peal Board (1891) and the 'Half-Peal Board' 
>(1888) from the former church of St Edmund, Salisbury. As many will know 
>the building is now an Arts Centre. Incidentally, ringing here has ceased. 
>There is talk of a 'restoration' - a new ring of 12 even! Don't hold your 
>breath folks!

Given that (I believe) the frame and a number of the bells are listed, and 
there probably isn't the vertical height to put in a frame above or below, 
how feasible would it be to put in a new ring of 12?


p.s. why has all ringing ceased?


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