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The idea of a ring of 12 was based on the presumption that the existing ring
could be disposed of but, as you quite rightly point out, the frame and some
of the bells are listed. There would appear to be some doubt as to the
present legal owner of the bells. I had always understood and, indeed, had
been told when Diocesan Adviser on Bells, that they were still in the 'gift'
of the Diocesan Bishop. I need to check the current situation as there is a
view that they are now the property of the Arts Centre.

The Arts Centre having spent a huge amount of money on the building and
adapting it for its purposes, did not include the bells. The Director has
put the kibosh on future ringing as he has been told the bells are no longer
safe to ring! Well, they were condemned as far back as 1946 and the
situation hasn't improved much since. Some of the back bells were rehung on
ball bearings but I am given to understand that all of the bells are now
very difficult to ring. Well, they never were easy but as I have not rung
there for a few years I cannot comment on the latest situation.

Watch this space! The only thing is you might have to watch it for a very
long time!

Neil Skelton.
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> Neil wrote:
> >During the 1970s I rescued the Peal Board (1891) and the 'Half-Peal
> >(1888) from the former church of St Edmund, Salisbury. As many will know
> >the building is now an Arts Centre. Incidentally, ringing here has
> >There is talk of a 'restoration' - a new ring of 12 even! Don't hold your
> >breath folks!
> Given that (I believe) the frame and a number of the bells are listed, and
> there probably isn't the vertical height to put in a frame above or below,
> how feasible would it be to put in a new ring of 12?
> David
> p.s. why has all ringing ceased?
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