Bells of York

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> As many of you will know, I have surveyed all of the bells in York 
and have my researches ready for publication. However, having looked 
into the costs of professional publication it is clear that there is 
no way it will be viable. It would take a long time to break even, if 
I ever did, and I simply cannot afford the outlay.
> The only real alternative is to get it printed by a copying bureau, 
and comb bound with a card back cover and an acetate front. Although 
this is far from ideal, it is preferable to it sitting on my computer 
and never seeing the light of day! The cost is likely to be in the 
region £12-15 including p&p. Can anyone who is interested please 
email me off-list. If there is sufficient demand, I will go ahead.
> Thanks
> David

Could you not get a grant to enable you to publish the work 

George Elphick got grants from Manifold Trust, Francis Coales 
Charitable Foundation and the British Academy to enable him to 
publish "The Craft of the Bell Founder". A very rapid whizz through 
my "Directory of Grant Making Trusts" shows that there are also a few 
more that might be able to help.



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