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Replies off line please.
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Old Archimedes files
A very worth while book "Church bells of Hertfordshire" has been 
written in an old format with "ovation" an Archimedesc program 
written by B-bug, now long defunct.
It is a book of about 350 pages containing many illustrations and 
pictures and a specially written font for bell lettering. It is a 
very detailed and comprehensive book
the files were converted to post script format for publication.

The author G Dodds has said that he will allow this to be made 
available on line, and would provide updates found since publication. 
He has additional information left out because of space limitations 
in the published version.

Could this in part or whole be recovered into an HTM format?
What would be involved? 

The data is currently on about 20 Arc format floppy disks.
G Dodds is getting on, 80ish and the book is out of print so 
opportunities for capturing and archiving this information will not 
last for ever.

I have a copy, but scanning it would destroy the hard glued binding.

Roderic K Bickerton


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