[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Mon Sep 26 16:06:19 BST 2005

>There you go again! Just because someone does not subscribe to the list
>doesn't mean they are not interested or lack expertise. The world is a 
>larger place than bell historians.

Nowhere did I say that just because somebody was not on this list they did 
not have suitable expertise - indeed, there some of the most notable bell 
historians are not members of this list. Perhaps you should actually read 
what was written before you start berating me.

>But this is very petty, and straying off the subject. A National bell
>database is probably a very good idea (though heaven knows what it would
>cost). This list is in a good position to assist, so let's do so.

You are the one who is being petty. I was trying to raise some valid points, 
which basically are that if such a project is to be worthwhile, it needs to 
be properly thought out, properly funded, and people need to have suitable 
expertise in order to contribute. What's the problem with that? Would you 
prefer a willy-nilly approach where anyone can contribute anything with no 
checks on accuracy? An editor cannot know every ring of bells - they have to 
be able to rely on the people submitting the information.



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