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I do not consider people on this list to be the type of ringer with no 
knowledge of bells - the very fact that people are members of this list 
shows that they are interested in bells. The idea of branch secretaries 
being asked to contribute data whether or not they have knowledge of bells 
is what I would strongly object to. The people who would be suitable are 
those who are interested in bells (obviously!) and these are likely to be 
best identified by 'the old boy network', for want of a better term - bell 
historians tend to know other bell historians.


There you go again! Just because someone does not subscribe to the list
doesn't mean they are not interested or lack expertise. The world is a much
larger place than bell historians.

But this is very petty, and straying off the subject. A National bell
database is probably a very good idea (though heaven knows what it would
cost). This list is in a good position to assist, so let's do so.



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