[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Wed Sep 28 09:14:24 BST 2005

>Could have been worse, David. I could have called you what two people on
>this list called you in the pub last night (and several subscribers to this
>list did in private emails to me), but I am far too polite for that.

Of course, you're a model of politeness Mark.

>I think that constant rants about branch secretaries who wouldn't know a
>bell if it dropped on their foot, and demeaning someone's good intentions
>with using John Camp's wiki, are filling up inboxes quite happily on their

It wasn't a 'rant', and it wasn't directed at anyone specifically. I think 
most people would agree that the majority of Branch Secretaries do not have 
the required experience to be able to supply the sort of data which would be 
required. I note that apart from you nobody has argued with this. That is 
not to say that there are not Branch Secretaries who could contribute, and I 
never said this. I merely said that the majority could not.


p.s. you are now moderated.


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