[Bell Historians] proto-National Bell Register work

Robert Lewis editor at ...
Wed Sep 28 13:09:04 BST 2005

At 22:39 27/09/2005, John Baldwin wrote:

>As indicated above, this is a one-person project within the context
>of Dove (and not - as I quite wittingly guided the Central Council at
>Llandudno - under the umbrella of its Committee for Redundant Bells)
>in order to make a start towards a National Bell Register and, at
>present, at no monetary cost to anyone. The results of this work and
>all the data that we acquire will be made available to any full NBR
>project as and when it is properly defined and formally set up and
>appropriately staffed. The questions that others have already raised
>about its scope, ownership, cost, effort, etc, are all highly
>relevant to a fully fledged project.

The work that John and others have carried out in the context of Dove 
on-line is commendable and the database is already an excellent resource. 
Nevertheless, if my understanding is correct, the intellectual and other 
property rights of Dove's Guide were bequeathed to and vested in the 
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

That may have significant implications if Dove is to be used in connection 
with - or indeed become the basis of - any National Bells Database, 
particularly if it is ultimately to be funded, staffed and maintained with 
the involvement or control of third parties such as the CCC, the Pitt 
Rivers Museum, EH, etc., etc.

The aims and objectives of these parties may not always coincide. Indeed, 
it may already concern some people that the CCC has set up a working party 
to look at BOTH the listing of bells issue and the setting up of a national 
bells database in the same forum. Was the Central Council properly 
consulted about its representation on that working party and the scope of 
its discussions?



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