[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Thu Sep 29 14:29:49 BST 2005

I have read all the postings with interest.

My own view is that, Dove's Guide apart, ringing is best left to ringers and
bells (ALL bells, that is, and not just those in rings of three or above)
are best dealt with by bell historians. So, National-register-wise that
looks like CCCBR for ringing and CCC for bells.

For my part, having - along with others including George Elphick and CJP -
wasted hours (and pounds on fares) on a series of meetings with EH a few
years back discussing a national bells/frames register, all to no avail, I
feel I am best employed inspecting belfries in counties which haven't been
done (eg Pembrokeshire) and where revision was needed (eg Dorset and now
Wiltshire). For other counties, I keep a topographical index from which I
am happy to supply information within the constraints of time (I have NOT
yet retired!). Computer data-bases I must leave to others but clearly the
electronic method (eg Mr Love in Kent) is ideal for updating purposes. I am
a book lover at heart and would rather peer at a page of print than a screen
all day.



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