[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at ...
Thu Sep 29 10:06:09 BST 2005

David Bryant:
> I think 
> > most people would agree that the majority of Branch Secretaries do
> not have 
> > the required experience to be able to supply the sort of data which
> would be 
> > required. I note that apart from you nobody has argued with this. 

Richard Offen: 
> We've given up trying!
> As I've said in the past, the vast majority of ringers are NOT the 
> Philistines you make them out to be. 
> Recording bell data is not difficult (whereas interpreting it 
> probably is), with some basic training, or even a good data 
> sheet on 'what to do and how to do it', most people could 
> record bell details accurately and I'm sure many would be 
> willing to help.

Couldn't agree more.



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