[Bell Historians] Church Guide Books - Version 2!

David Bryant davidbryant at 8L5KnW1Ob17NN2KdHfiZjvANWprSdRNIcB9GAEJhP9_MwL1qy5fSmivLqFLDCtBSrj4q1IvNfApbojYvrwsveg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 5 12:33:47 BST 2006

>"Alas, my impending move to Perth, WA, means they've got to go.   I am
>loathed to condemn them to the recycling bin, so am keen to hear from
>anyone who can either give them a good home or suggest a
>library that would be interested in such a collection."

Is this a permanent move, Richard?



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