[Bell Historians] Church Guide Books - Version 2!

Richard Offen richard at A3RACXgQJm20pM7604nBxuqtWnC2irG6eqPK0BSNEbWXhLeYlXl_dpPZkI0Tqp7RgWax9cMf.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 5 16:26:16 BST 2006

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> RCO:
> "Alas, my impending move to Perth, WA, means they've got to go.   I am
> loathed to condemn them to the recycling bin, so am keen to hear from
> anyone who can either give them a good home or suggest a
> library that would be interested in such a collection."
> I'd be interested in any Kent ones you have Richard. And it is my 
> at the end of the week :)
> DrL

Sorry, DLC has beaten you to it ...but happy birthday anyway!



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