[Bell Historians] Downside Abbey

David Bryant davidbryant at 6wl_ntBlVHoikj8nuIMlOkQKDNbh1qasyxvd8GpzjiMB_Yzevh53jKXJu57St1UrX6FG2Q8Gf_fpIoo9fj7RYg.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 10 16:58:51 BST 2006

There was an excellent book on the history of Beverley Minster published for 
the Millennium. It doesn't have a huge amount on the bells, but there is a 
nice photo of the bell now at Downside leaving Beverley on a cart pulled by 
horses. I do have a copy of the book but not to hand so can't scan it. 
Perhaps somebody else on the list has a copy?



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