[Bell Historians] Tuning forks

David Bryant davidbryant at RvnX3yGQULIu4j79A6C0vOln_hkgx0sZed8Nx3M2timABe4yn3j5Po_EhvyImRm80O4AukoWVSwrVHNdxqOcjw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Apr 13 23:47:39 BST 2006

> Furthermore how about bringing back the key of D-flat which
> produces a far richer sound than the tom cat wail of a
> C-sharp ring.

Think we've been here before Jim!

As I recall, most of us were of the opinion that as far as bells are 
concerned the two can be used interchangeably. Indeed, one of the the rings 
you mention (Worcester) is in B, which makes the 11th C# however you look at 
it. In turn, this makes Evesham C# as the tenor was modelled on Worcester 



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