[Bell Historians] Tuning forks

David Bryant davidbryant at bq43xaOhjvdTkWUjAH2n9N6kEjFMKE2zb3Zd_ejXxB4OAuplgyaINs6mzGnAOBDhCSCnQOzovt9E9-7Zgh8NWKw.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 14 16:31:40 BST 2006

> However there is a prospect of a new C-sharp twelve coming
> up and we must wait and see how they turn out.Personally if
> I was paying for them I would prefer them to be in the key
> of D-flat and tuned by forks rather than a guy just gazing
> at the dial of a machine!

Have you watched a bell being tuned at Taylor's in recent years, Jim? I 
think you will find that there's more to it than gazing at the dial of a 



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