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Ron Dove's notebooks contain the following information on Sunderland:

Sunderland Town Hall, Durham: Clock by Potts 1890, bells by Warner 1889 8-0-1, 9-3-14, 13-0-7, 23-3-15, 78-0-11 (74"). Town Hall demolished 1971. RHD 1/42 p.1729 (Potts clock archives - Ron Dove's notebooks)

The recent book by Michael Potts has a picture of the Town Hall (p.104) and says that the clock was stored in large boxes at Joyce of Whitchurch after the old Town Hall was demolished in 1971. "It was restored in 1991 and is now on prominent display in the civic centre built on the site of the former town hall". Bells not mentioned, but it sounds as though the clock was reinstated.

Chris Pickford

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