Tuning forks.

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at gDwn_xUYB5hxmnYb5OJGLPPRn266R122UjqOqySaCUWL3SxnKBD--QHKWMaPGD6oOyT4dBOPkwTeCHJdBxLhenCiIioyog.yahoo.invalid
Sat Apr 15 22:30:15 BST 2006

RO wrote:-
"Please explain to us what you think the difference is between a bell
tuned using tuning-forks and one using an electronic pitching device?"

You can shut your eyes but you cannot shut your ears.  You cannot see the
sound coming from a bell!

"The difference between a ring tuned with forks and one tuned with an
electronic device is pure nostalgia!"

Then please explain why the glorious sound of rings like Chewton Mendip,
Clerkenwell,Wimborne, Truro, Beverley, Worcester etc and the immediate
post war rings at Jewry, St Nicks,Liverpool,Evesham, Cripplegate, Bow is
lacking in all the new peals over the past 30 years?  People are even
reverting back to 'Gillett' profiles in an effort to try and squeeze some
reasonable sound out! 
There was an interesting Reith lecture on radio 4 on Good Friday morning
entitled 'In the beginning was sound'.  It was given by Daniel Barenboim
who argued that music lies at the heart of what it is to be human.  He
also went on to try and rescue 'the neglected sense - the ear'.

Are you trying to tell us Richard that a bell can now be tuned by solely
looking at an electronic dial?


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