[Bell Historians] Tuning forks.

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Mon Apr 17 14:57:27 BST 2006

> Internal head space above the bells is very important as per 
> Redcliffe and here at St Stephens where you get the glorious 
> amplification of the back bells from the open stone spire above the 
> bells. 
> David

Just a notable point, Redcliffe has a fire proof floor in the base of
the spire about 10' above the top of the bell frame, on which a
vodafone mast and associated equipment is housed. 
Redcliffe also has 'oversized' SG clappers in the back 8 bells, which
dont allow the bells to resonate to their true potential, and make
them un-necessarily difficult to ring.
They would be even more glorious if this potential was realised!

I believe a point mildly overlooked with regards to the Worcesters'
wooden clapper is that the ball is an SG one. So the difference of
sound between a WI and the whole SG clapper must be one of dynamics.



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