[Bell Historians] SG/WI - was Tuning forks.

David Bryant davidbryant at x4_25AshvNpMnYoL9LMO3X5FPEhB3Pb94P-ZPwy8NFvsmf_a9J19QES757uuYwpSlvbN-5pqyPloxAeAXKp2.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 17 23:20:07 BST 2006

> Tewkesbury tenor's wooden shafted clapper has a WI ball, and I think
> Hallow's does too.
> Can't think that it would make much difference what the ball is made of
> (within reason). The wooden (ash) shaft seems to make a world of 
> difference
> though.

Material does matter, along with profile. We have proved this recently with 
our tenor. We have two clappers which are absolutely identical, apart from 
one being of SG and one of EN16. The SG one was crap - it simply didn't 
produce enough volume. The EN16 one is currently in the bell, and is the 
best clapper we've had for it so far.

I thought that Bob Smith's article rather glossed over the possibilities of 
using steel. I agree that fabricated clappers aren't a good idea, but those 
machined out of a solid billet are suitable. Yes, they are expensive, and I 
suppose it sepends on how highly you value the quality of sound produced.

We've not currently got a wooden-shafted clapper, but one is being made for 
the 10th (30 cwt) using a broken wrought iron clapper. I will report back on 
it in due course.



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