[Bell Historians] Re: Tuning forks.

David Bryant davidbryant at B-NDCOhCpoB5u3UHcxgM7fFR_fVfPs2SIAwa3QzEzUETns5Vy64i8LZ20--X6nKVUhySi-7WIfM9zWS6XKcKsw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 17 23:24:33 BST 2006

> I haven't heard any Dutch bells heard for change ringing, so I can't
> respond directly to his point.

I've heard a few, and my impression is that the true-harmonic ones (e.g. the 
5th at St Cuthbert's, Wells) are very good. Unfortunately, the same cannot 
be said for the 'old style' ones.

>And acoustics do matter enormously.  Mediocre bells in a fine belfry can
> sound better than excellent bells in a poor one.  So it's not all
> down to tuning, though tuning is always important.

Quite. I never rang on the old bells at the Bullring, but people's opinion 
of them (and this seems to be confirmed by a recording I've heard) is that 
they were an excellent-sounding 12, but the tower was good acoustically. At 
Escrick, they are simply ordinary - sound-wise, they are not remarkable at 
all. The tower isn't good acoustically, and I think that this proves the 



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