[Bell Historians] Tuning forks.

David Bryant davidbryant at B61mgMniSI6UaEpJfeYbNdiaYuuCOnmnThV6c6mwQxIijP6CeStCCuHJKVT8z8vX77u-Cn02W-Fvc1yw8ZOZ5cgrsRY.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 17 23:15:04 BST 2006

> I don't assume - I use my ears.  Times change,standards don't.  Regarding
> clappers I still prefer the sound made by a good wrought iron clapper to
> that of a clapper made entirely of SG iron and you do not need a string of
> irrelevant letters after your name to distinguish between a good sound and
> an indifferent sound.  It seems that a lot of people do not care as long
> as there is  a bonk or similar sound so that they may count a place, and
> all peals look the same in the Ringing World.  You cannot hear sound with
> your eyes!

A lot of people don't care, true. But there are a number of us who do and 
are looking into alternative designs of clapper. Wrought Iron is no longer a 
realistic option, whether you like it or not! Therefore something else needs 
to be found.



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