[Bell Historians] Re: Bullring bells

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at cNUAZtC5U-j21z7LK2Gt8QGceEFk_qoIn0gHBc7BwjGJJTn6cYzgLiljffMoBKInCk1s8i8eOgaE9Ik2nlI19kBl.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 18 17:55:30 BST 2006

> The old bullring bells were quite grand with a unique brassy sound. 
> I think the bells themselves actually sound better now retuned than
> they did before but the cramped space at Escrick detracts from this.
> If they had been retuned and retained as the back 12 of the
> bullring, they may have been quite exceptional.
They were in a cramped space at the Bullring too!  But a very different
acoustic, indeed - largely to do, surely, with the materials the insides of
the different towers are faced with.



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