[Bell Historians] SG/WI - was Tuning forks

David Bryant davidbryant at idbkaUL-NZ_hWngCqAx7kgTfMluL__H_Hya0oRcXMAk6GQ-cmOB9IcvppOpkTRwcqSaD_8tOm0RQC4OVGn-a.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 19 08:40:26 BST 2006

> Huu? the counterweight is the opposite side of the clapper pin and 
> therefore reduces pressure, at rest of the ball on the sound bow, hence 
> its name.

I don't know the mathematical theory behind it, but the present clapper is 
identical to the one which broke after being in the bell for 25 years, apart 
from not having the large counterweight. As Jim would say - using your ears 
will tell you that the present one doesn't hit as hard.



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