[Bell Historians] SG/WI - was Tuning forks

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at 1Il9V_xMMYI3Yq7JwTBSp1PuhED8saacfsxX-TGEZPicN_YVHegVGZ3HmYIBJVttZJJcD5KBtJscbl4pWC_MUOWP.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 18 18:00:55 BST 2006

> What has yet to be mentioned is that a wrought iron clapper is sacrificial
> and much kinder to a bell than either EN16 or SG.

Not entirely sacrificial, or it would never be necessary to quarter-turn
bells because of (old) clapper indentation.

> ... and as I have said before you do not need a string of
> irrelevant letters after your name to distinguish a good sound from an
> indifferent one.

Indeed not.

C D (Dip.Phot.Eal.)



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