SG/WI - was Tuning forks

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at
Tue Apr 18 00:13:33 BST 2006

David Bryant wrote:-

"The EN16 one is currently in the bell, and is the best clapper we've had
for it so far."

It will not be too long before the EN16 has drilled its way through the
bell.  EN16 is a very hard material and used for military purposes, the
higher the number the harder the metal is.  When I rang the bell some
years ago there was an obscene crash when the EN16 clapper hit the bell
and it was obvious the EN16 was knocking the bloody hell out of the bell!
What has yet to be mentioned is that a wrought iron clapper is sacrificial
and much kinder to a bell than either EN16 or SG.  The ideal material for
a clapper shaft is wood as this will absorb the shock and all credit to
the guy at Worcester who designed and built the clapper.  I hope he will
also build one with a wrought iron ball and compare the sound thus

I personally thought Bob Smith's article in the RW was a load of old
codswallop and as I have said before you do not need a string of
irrelevant letters after your name to distinguish a good sound from an
indifferent one.  


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