[Bell Historians] Baldrick - was Tuning forks

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My understanding
The normal arrangement for an early instalation of bells with cast in crown staples.
The clapper is T headed with the I of the T flattened to about 2 inches wide.
It is pierced with two holes.
a wood board is cut to be the same thickness as the clapper T section and cut to fit around it with usually about 1  1/2 inch thickness above the T.
An iron U is made with its inside about 1/4 inch wider than the board and clapper.
the top of the board and inside of the iron U are lined with leather
the U is fitted around the crown staple and board, and has two holes which are used to bolt it to the clapper.
I was told the leather lining is the baldric and the wood, a  busk board.
It was word of mouth about 40 years ago so I could well be wrong.

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What is/was a "baldric" please, in relation to church bells? I've found
a mention of one in my local churchwardens' accounts for 1626, and
beyond adapting the standard dictionary definition of an ornate belt
worn over one shoulder, I wonder what it could refer to?

The entry:

"Item for iiii keyes and a boult for the baldricke for the fourth
Bell... 0-1-0"

Cheers, Lawrence, Waltham Abbey.

Don't suppose clappers were once called blackadders were they?

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> Clapper indentation is a different issue and is much more
> dependent on the way the ball hits the bell than the material.
> the old baldric...

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