[Bell Historians] Warner foundry closure

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For some time I have understood Stavanger to have a late Warner carillon, but have never managed to obtain definite confirmation or to establish the date. Geoff Armitage first told me about it many years ago, but I don't think that he ever managed to get access or obtain further information.  I did talk to him about it a couple of years ago just to check whether he had ever found anything.

I'm pretty sure, though, that if these were supplied by Warner then they weren't cast at Whitechapel - more likely to be a Warner, but 1919-1921 when they were still casting.  My spreadsheet of "all" known Warner bells includes some for 1922-5, but all cast by either G&J (1922-3) or M&S (1924-5) - mostly small

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  John Warner & Sons Ltd officially closed as a bell foundry in 1924. Thereafter they forwarded correspondence to other other foundries, i.e. Mears & Stainbank and Taylors, principally though not exclusively the latter. I think they were anxious to see that one or other got the work rather than that G&J should benefit from their departure. The last complete ring of 8 was Mangotsfield, 1921, recast again 1993.   
  Llewellins & James effectively departed the scene at the same time although there are some half-dozen bells by them post-1925. As late as 1960 they even hung at St Paul, Hartcliffe, Bristol, a bell they had cast in the 1880's for St Lawrence, Easton, Bristol.  It has since been rehung again by W B F.  
  Both firms remained in business for items other than bells long after leaving the big three to it.  


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    Warners subcontracted a few jobs to Whitechapel after they no longer had any facilities to cast bells themselves.  Presumably this was one of them?

    Peter Rivet
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      Conflicting sources of information say that

      a)  The Warner foundry closed in 1921.

      b)  The Warner foundry installed 22 bells in the Cathedral of 
      Stavanger, Norway, in 1922.

      If anyone can resolve this conflict for me, please do so!



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