[Bell Historians] The Great Bells of Britain

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at P4yHEFEoc9P2o20ajqZgUhKtsHfu6HeovfKVwFAZpbboCUUrMbK4gXaLLm2mOtoV0rZM_dckl3R3IQ.yahoo.invalid
Sun Apr 23 16:59:52 BST 2006

At 15:43 +0000 06/04/23, Bill Hibbert wrote in part:
>I did notice a couple of typing errors while proof-reading. ... On 
>Carl's list, the weight of the St Helens bass bell is given as 
>84-2-0 whereas both the diary and the Keltek list give it as 84-2-20.

Thanks to Bill for discovering this typo, which I will fix.  The 
sources which provided my records agree that the proper weight is 



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