[Bell Historians] Warner foundry closure

Richard Offen richard at PijyyWKL-lS1uGM6hfMmonSX5gAQBs_LzZML-eT8D2vduxAVeqsoACWUd-HZDA1S9iMcMZTeWuU.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 25 17:03:04 BST 2006

> So it is confirmed that in 1922 Warner supplied a fully chromatic 
> chime of 22 bells based on E of 21-0-11.  Although the Olsen Nauen 
> foundry did not specifically mention the dates on the bells, I expect 
> that they all are the same.  Since all apparently remain in place (on 
> their new frame), anyone who wishes to visit there should be able to 
> verify that.

It would be very interesting to know what the tuning of the Warner 
bells in this instrument is like.   Did Olsen Nauen retune them?

The old Mangotsfield bells of about the same period were truly dreadful 
and were bad enough as ringing bells, but as part of a carillon ...the 
mind boggles!



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