Historical methods of bell tuning

Bill Hibbert bill at cb8M6-rESHqWWmaEMwzNiHeQ9fHRLHD-Olsdh2hslY9pOsWuqOHlWPgI5enkLScZQen0TtIDdh1itQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Aug 1 16:40:15 BST 2006

Richard Offen's fascinating note of a couple of weeks ago describing 
Whitechapel's tuning methods of 100 years ago caused me to investigate 
whether there were other descriptions of historical tuning methods. I 
am familiar with:
* the description in Elphick's 'Craft of the Bellfounder', part of 
which is copied verbatim from:
* Fred Sharpe's description of Rudhall's tuning machine in 'Church 
Bells of Herefordshire'
* André Lehr's description of the Hemonys' methods.

Apart from these, I have drawn a blank. Does anyone know of other 
written sources I can investigate for more information?


Bill H


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