[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at qoXM40QHW12K8gEpNQdLUbH6bMP3gfikecedNVG3TlPvIyMv6np8hnN1Am4ptG12lv8cjOm_46Hc.yahoo.invalid
Sun Aug 6 03:40:04 BST 2006

At 20:34 +0000 06/08/05, davidhird_uk wrote:
>As I have rung there, can I point out an inaccuracy in that they are
>not hung veronese style. They are a McShane swing chime that have
>been adapted, so you can just about ring them, by putting garter
>holes in the wheels and installing small ground pulleys on the floor.

The term "Veronese style" has been used to describe bells which swing 
full circle but do not have stays and sliders.  These bells would 
seem to fit that description.  What further distinction would you 



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