[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

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Veronese style = "Bells which swing full circle but do not have stays or 
sliders", says Carl. There are any number of threes and a few fours, and a 
couple of fives (Chipstead and East Dean) which are hung with wheels but 
without stays or sliders so that they might be swung full circle: but they 
are certainly not Veronese, but very English!

The further distinction I would make is that the bells should be hung with 
massively counterbalanced headstocks either by upward extension of the stock 
or by tucking the bell up so that the top half nearly balances the bottom.

Even that is an over-simplification. Consulting some of my old American bell 
catalogues (Meneeley, McShane, Jones) it seems that they were largely 
envisaging chimes with one swinging bell or single bells for swinging. A 
Meneeley illustration shows a swinging bell with a "stop" on the wheel (and 
a corresponding one below) to prevent the bell going over. Horseshoe style 
balanced stocks. It also suggests swinging the bell(s) up and retaining it 
or them in that position by tying the rope to a peg at ringing floor level.

"Traditional North American" is a suggested nomenclature!


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>>As I have rung there, can I point out an inaccuracy in that they are
>>not hung veronese style. They are a McShane swing chime that have
>>been adapted, so you can just about ring them, by putting garter
>>holes in the wheels and installing small ground pulleys on the floor.
> The term "Veronese style" has been used to describe bells which swing
> full circle but do not have stays and sliders.  These bells would
> seem to fit that description.  What further distinction would you
> make?
> Carl
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