[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

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Sun Aug 6 14:42:23 BST 2006

The veronese ringers have a website and they do have an equivalent 
of Dove. David Bagley has loads of info.

Veronese bells are counterbalanced and strike wrong and very often 
have very long draughts of cart rope with no sallies. The bells turn 
very slowly but can easily be handled by english ringers even if 
quite heavy. No stays. The bells often swing in and out of the 
louvres and sometimes hang in independant frames arranged quite 
randomly in the tower. In warm weather 5 mins ringing can wreck your 
hands though.


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> Would be interested to know more about bells hung Veronese style 
in Italy. My cousin went 
> on a ringing tour to Italy (took my place I was unable to go at 
short notice) in the late 1980's 
> and I remember her saying that a few quarter peals were rung 
there, and I got some good 
> pictures.
> Does anyone have a list or is there a website that shows all bells 
hung for full circle ringing in 
> Italy - and should these be included on Dove as quarters have been 
rung in Italy.
> Matthew


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