[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

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Mon Aug 7 10:23:04 BST 2006

My comparison to Guernsey was that they were an attempt to imitate 
an english ring without the full knowledge of what is needed to 
actually make them work properly.


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> The link to St Peter Port Guernsey is not appropriate.
> They were hung in a good frame and fittings and were not slow 
> They had stays and sliders and were all set to rotate at 
> the same speed.
> They were well sorted and were intended to clapper "wrong"  but 
> stable, striking once and striking cleanly. They could be rung to
> changes  easily, once one got used to the trebles. The tenor rang 
like a
> normal English bell, although it had a very substantial headstock.
> They all had the same size wheels and the smaller bell wheels had
> weighting to slow them down to the speed of the tenor.


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