[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

macstyle2004 macstyle2004 at zpAf8qWGdDG_6D2_BV10sW5pSn5S6alMF_P5L9hmjIFXmzleYiSiYQEzLh3HOhebp81x1eteKDA0HUY2sXvRJg.yahoo.invalid
Mon Aug 7 12:27:50 BST 2006

> In some ways It is a shame they were restored, because the hanging was so logical and
> well thought through, and there is no example of the style of hanging
> known to still exist.  Rod.

I wonder how many rings of bells there are in France that still exist and haven't been 
discovered yet that are hung the same as St. Peter Port were.



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