[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

David Bryant davidbryant at PgomePcX-o_ZBzj-TJ63M0pDJf-ujU-JNmlvjZcXj6rxvRJsSe-aThUMneWKjiaUu-mIIxeIAQwvnWrcHLMmulWD.yahoo.invalid
Mon Aug 7 12:36:28 BST 2006

>I wonder how many rings of bells there are in France that still exist and 
>haven't been
>discovered yet that are hung the same as St. Peter Port were.

Probably none. As I understand it (and if I recall correctly this is what 
Fred Sharp says in his book) it was a French founder's attempt to hang bells 
for change ringing - the Channel Islands being British territory. There is 
no reason why attempts would be made to do this on the French mainland.



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