[Bell Historians] The Bells of St Stephen's and the Bells of St Paul's

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Try the English Folk Dance and Song society, Cecil Sharp house, London
020 7485 2206
Very helpful people.

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Can anyone identify this song referred to by an enquirer? It sounds
quite interesting. Thanks.


"Dear Sir,

I am looking for a song that I heard as a child in Nova Scotia. I am
certain it's from Britain, and is probably rather old.

I know the tune but not the words: it said something about the Bells of
Saint Stephen ... and the Bells of Saint Paul, I believe (although it
could have been another saint - my memory is poor).

Could you help me find the lyrics or know the title of the song? I can't
seem to find anything on google without, at least, an entire phrase from
the song.

Thank you for your help."

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