Richard Offen richard at
Mon Aug 14 10:30:40 BST 2006

As mentioned before on this list, I am compiling for the Central 
Council Public Relations Committee a selection of photographs 
suitable for talk and presentations about bells.

What we have put together so far can be found at:

Currently I am working on augmenting the 'Historic Odds and Ends' 
section of the site and am currently working on getting images of St 
Patrick's Bell and the Bell of Armagh as examples of early bells of 
the British Isles.   If anyone has any other good quality photographs 
of pre-conquest bells that they would be willing to have published on 
the site, I would be delighted to receive them.

I would also very much like to include a photograph of the St Peter 
Mancroft peal board for the first recorded peal in 1715.   I know of 
the illustration in Morris's History and Art of Change Ringing, but 
this is not of good quality or in colour.   Unfortunately, the board 
is quite high up on the wall of Mancroft ringing chamber, which makes 
photography difficult, but I really would like to include this 
important historic artefact if at all possible.   

Any help with this quest would be very much appreciated and all 
photographs will be suitably acknowledged on the site.




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