[Bell Historians] Re: Photographs

Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) roderic.bickerton at f6ddFxKVt_r-GMkcw1HmIe46f9ti8fdIYmBR9P71hTc32X2qaNU5JYgFAWhql5Mnwf7Je1XbQxeDRsKVUf8AF74DMFaGuvC2.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 16 13:41:24 BST 2006

Are pictures of bells with spelling mistakes in the inscription o/k?

If I may put my oar in...

I don't think you are being picky at all - is that a pun I detect? :-)

The standard you endeavour to set is the pictorial equivalent of
ensuring the absence of spelling and grammatical errors in text.

Peter Humphreys

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