[Bell Historians] Russell of Wootton

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at 21pFv9ssWJMcNTyciJt4Z-vXlbzZfSXxzslh9eDgc2-FRgpJLKoBwCDrOfpqDOEQVOY5zzk9bmnipq4FKvQHtJtv.yahoo.invalid
Fri Aug 25 16:27:59 BST 2006

>> Could I have advice please?
>> A 39 inch bell inscribed THOMAS RVSSELL OF WOOTTON MADE ME 1726 (the D
>> in made me is reversed).
>> This bell is badly cracked.
>> Is it a bell that must be preserved?

> I presume this is Ickleford tenor, it is not listed for preservation on
> the copy of the CCC list for St. Albans that I have.

Still worth having it welded if weldable.  I believe it is possible to get
some idea of what it would sound like without the crack, before going ahead?



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