[Bell Historians] Russell of Wootton

David Bryant davidbryant at SkfwyQcn7tlrAP0AVcBGiLPn9fKkOXjqf5uhtPtI_YU6E0fxiY0cOivRK1W71D9n2nCVFu3c--y0bMSC6fthaQ.yahoo.invalid
Sat Aug 26 22:45:41 BST 2006

> Spot on. I wish I had an opinion on this founder, I do not know if 
> advice is to go for the old 4th as tenor which is a Chandler and not 
> to much or keep the Russell and have it welded. Best option would be a
> tenor recast, if we want a 1/2 way decent 6.

If a major project is being contemplated, surely it isn't out of the 
question to keep the old bell - on display, or whatever, and have a new 
one. An old bell which cannot be reused surely isn't that much or an 
issue, as opposed to an historic but unusable frame which would be 
potentially more difficult.



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