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Tue Aug 29 09:30:53 BST 2006

 The frame. That is a problem!
It is a short tower. the frame is interesting and quite historic,
Possibly 1552, when there were 3 bells. It was cut about 3, adapted to 5
possibly Miles Grey 1637.
As an early frame it is quite heavily built and probably could be reused
but it is the wrong way round in the tower swinging the 3 heavy bells
across the tower. The tower has needed extensive repair. It would not be
possible to turn it round. It could not be adapted for 6.
It cant go up, the gallows ends are only just below the roof.
There is no room for bells below in the dumb floor, it is a little under
1.8m high.

This parish may one day afford the sort of restoration cost of a clean
sweep, but never the cost of complete remodelling, involving changing
the tower ceiling which is seen from inside the church.
This ceiling can't come down much because it is only just above the nave
arch. It is also nice and would require very careful handling.

If bells were installed below the current frame the outside sound level
would be very low because of the very large amount of timber between
bells and louver openings.

There is real danger of conservation stopping them ever again being
rung, but hung dead in the old frame, once the headstocks become

"If a major project is being contemplated, surely it isn't out of the
question to keep the old bell - on display, or whatever, and have a new
one. An old bell which cannot be reused surely isn't that much or an
issue, as opposed to an historic but unusable frame which would be
potentially more difficult."


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