[Bell Historians] Russell of Wootton

David Bryant davidbryant at dHpBA5CcUHWPDkSCrxDpbByEeJyGSPV6DN3Li2zlh27zVVEEZL0xhZQ1ZsJyGryotpg2Av7x5twPPJAq_aO-JyE5.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 08:14:08 BST 2006

> Why do we have this modern-day obsession that everything HAS to be hung 
> for change ringing

Hardly a modern-day obsession. Prior to the late C19, it was normal for 
almost everthing, including single bells, to be hung for ringing. This is 
the traditional method of hanging bells in this country, and as such should 
be perpetuated wherever possible.



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