[Bell Historians] Russell of Wootton

Richard Offen richard at PXl01qJJV-H6MHgJAbmdOSA14_sAp2QYM-bIQyfEIkWFS63ol5jkQWsUVi4vCCWII4mGtTz8Ceg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 04:34:28 BST 2006

> There is real danger of conservation stopping them ever again being
> rung, but hung dead in the old frame, once the headstocks become
> dangerous.

What's wrong with them being hung dead in the old frame?

Why do we have this modern-day obsession that everything HAS to be hung 
for change ringing and be of six or more bells?   It seems to me that 
we are hard pressed to find sufficient ringers to man the towers we 
already have, without compounding the problem by adding more!



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