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...and more mysterious still the inconsistent standards and practices by DAC
bell advisors. Some are excellent. Sadly some seem to enjoy preventing bells
being rung, improved, restored, augmented, and interfere with the good works
of ringers, clergy and PCCs. The recent debacle at Tewkesbury is a good
example of this.

I wonder how open the appointment of DAC advisors is? I was appointed as the
Hereford DAC person in an open process which involved ringers, Diocese, DAC
etc. That I think is rare. My successor has carried on a policy of helping
and encouraging as much as he can. He's doing an excellent job.

Are there benchmarks for DAC advisors when their competency to do the job is
considered? Is their performance reviewed? Or is it a sinecure for life?

I think many of the people who'd do these jobs really well are far too busy
doing other things. So we occasionally get what's left in the bottom drawer.

My apologies to the many excellent DAC advisors out there...your good work
is compromised by your less competent colleagues.

Time for an expose in the RW I think!


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> I wonder how many of you have been "approached" by the CCC to ask if you
> will serve on its new Bells & Clocks Committee?
> I gather that at least three long standing members have retired.

Or rather 'been retired'.

I have to say that I think this is a perfectly legitimate question, and that
answers (if forthcoming) would be of genuine and legitimate interest to any
self-respecting bell historian.

This is surely a question of facts, not opinions.  We are in danger of
endorsing the cloak of secrecy.

But if you don't want any answers on this list, David, then perhaps they
could be published in the RW instead?


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