[Bell Historians] CCC Bells & Clocks Committee

David Bryant davidbryant at xB7VDPAB_IyqxMhhLxExjE01CvB_q5eZGly-6Gbi3-coEgylkyzRkTi2qJzjo97ahs16bPkQ8tfsYky5YlypkJ-kag.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 09:38:43 BST 2006

>Are there benchmarks for DAC advisors when their competency to do the job 
>considered? Is their performance reviewed? Or is it a sinecure for life?

DAC bells advisers are a different matter, and I tend to agree on this. As 
regards the CCC, it is my experience that, whatever people may think of the 
appointment process, those who are appointed are almost always suitable for 
the job.

I'm afraid I cannot say the same for DAC bells advisers. They seem in many 
cases to be almost randomly plucked out of the local ringing fraternity. The 
result is highly variable - some are excellent, but equally some are not. 
There is always a danger that people who like bureocracy will be appointed, 
with the result that getting faculties can be extremely difficult and 
frustrating for the church wanting the faculty, ringers (if there are any) 
and contractors alike.



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