[Bell Historians] CCC Bells & Clocks Committee

David Bryant davidbryant at rx66YVSLfvQnDWOkrSvc8SD8Wt6SZ1qDLh-6B0BGQOAC1ftfbUBG829mX54hIclWn8rYrSZ7YsJCKZHpKAZiMudIiRc.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 19:25:32 BST 2006

> I think most people on your list are grown-ups and quite capable of 
> deciding for themselves whether this is a fit subject for open 
> debate.  But, by all means, let us move it elsewhere, if you feel the 
> to leap in and censor on the extraordinary basis stated above.
> Credibility is not just an issue for members of the new CCC Bells & 
> committee ...

Don't patronise me Robert. As I have said, you are quite at liberty to 
discuss it here but I don't want a repeat of the circuar argument 
whereby demands are made to the members of the committee to explain how 
they were appointed. This achieves nothing and is not fair on them. 
Provided this request is observed, I think open discussion is a good 



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