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Alan Blair of Julich may have a copy and might be able to help with 


At 09:41 31/08/2006, you wrote:
>For my 40th birthday (I know I couldn't believe it either) I received two 
>volumes of "Glocken in Geschicte und Gegenwart" which, despite my limited 
>German, are fascinating books covering diverse topics from bells in 
>medieval illuminations, wildlife in towers, louvre design, to the dynamics 
>of modern bell towers. The articles, by many different contributers, are 
>grouped according to topic and include many technical papers.  Does anyone 
>else have copies and more German than I have?
>Whilst searching the internet for a translation I found 
><http://www.probell.net>www.probell.net a European Reasearch Project for 
>the Maintenance and Protection of Bells.  I noticed one of the links was 
>to Taylors but is anyone else in the UK involved?
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