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Not as far as I'm aware. Most of the other European founders have
contributed with varying sizes of bells. We made two identical  23.5"
bells (nearest we had to 600mm)  one of which was fitted with trad full
circle fittings and a choice of sg or wi clapper. The other was swung
with a Clock-o-Matic ringing motor, again with a choice of clappers.
Both were supplied with a stand alone frame.
We had probes mounted in the moulds when the bells were cast so that a
detailed analysis of the cooling rates could be made. There were three
probes per mould, one on the external soundbow, one on the internal
soundbow and one just below the shoulder. What fun1
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For my 40th birthday (I know I couldn't believe it either) I received
two volumes of "Glocken in Geschicte und Gegenwart" which, despite my
limited German, are fascinating books covering diverse topics from bells
in medieval illuminations, wildlife in towers, louvre design, to the
dynamics of modern bell towers. The articles, by many different
contributers, are grouped according to topic and include many technical
papers.  Does anyone else have copies and more German than I have?

Whilst searching the internet for a translation I found www.probell.
<http://www.probell.net> net a European Reasearch Project for the
Maintenance and Protection of Bells.  I noticed one of the links was to
Taylors but is anyone else in the UK involved?

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